COVID 19 Donation 

Meeting Minutes


  • Presentation by Board members on their activities and how JSGA can help support youth in our community

  • Lessons Learned from MJ 2020

    • Too many versions of the document so hard to identify the latest version

      • Solution: Use Google drive so everyone is updating one copy

    • One BOD member should handle all volunteer, signups etc so it is easy to coordinate

  • Election Approval

    • Request from couple of Sangh members to schedule an open house to discuss elections over virtual meeting as they feel that BoD is message for sangh to vote without formally reviewing with Sangh members -

      • BOD concerns - 

        1. Will there be a definite outcome?

        2. Will there be enough Sangh member participation? During By-laws update, very few members showed interest

        3. Will it be feasible to have an online Open House with entire or even 50% Sangh participating?

        4. We are not changing any by-laws. This is a special case/condition due to COVID that we could not hold elections for JSGA during 2020. Per BoD, we have two options for elections

          1. Sangh extend term of current members to 1 more year which helps continue Sangh events during these difficult times

          2. Have 4 new Sangh members ready to step up and hold an electronic election 

            • New members will have a shorter term in this case

        5. Based on the deliberation above, BoD decided to send out a Poll instead of holding Open House to decide one of the two options above

          Polling dates: Sept 4-16

          Voting window: Sept 16-30

  • Reviewed 2019 Financial Update from Tejas

    • Tejas to send out PPT to BoD for review and then send to Sangh


  • Kushal to create all zoom links
  • Bhakti and Samooh Parna will be combined.
  • Bhakti
    • Kamini ben to check with Rishabh Doshi.
    • Rupen to reach out to Megh
    • Toral ben to check with other groups
    • Backup is sangh members do it.
  • Aangi
    • No plans for Aangi
  • Cleaning
    • Kushal to get back
  • Samooh Paarna
    • Next day after samvatsari evening 8.30 to 10
  • Jeevdaya fund
    • Open-ended
    • Start with 11, 31, 51
    • Add in Signup
    • Target 2500$
  • DasLakshana Parva
    • Fixed nakro, 1 family 4 members
    • Check for volunteers
  • Online Boli
    • Tejas to work on online boli for 1 labh
    • Min 500$
    • 8pm close 14th Aug



Technical questions (20 min)
  • Enabling SSL - $64 for 2 years - good to go
  • Email communication (Vertical Response) - registered users in verticalresponse should get password reset option.
  • Zoom meeting coordination- Gsuite- kushal jenil to followup. Check for non profit option. Backup plan is to upgrade zoom.
  • Photo sharing - should be to restricted users
  • Internet at center - ketan bhai toh check for bandwidth.
  • Youtube premium - check for price and non profit option
  • Camera investments - kushal and chirag to check for cost of movable camera.
Scope and approach for Paryushan - 1 hour
  • Virtual Satsangs
    • add a link on the homepage and consolidate all Satsang links on one page.
  • Prakshal/Puja
    • All 8 days volunteer signup and 1 family of 4ppl to signup with 51$ fixed nakro.
    • Volunteers can do prakshal puja.
    • Saturday snatra puja by family will do prakshal puja that day fixed nakro 251$.
    • Ketan bhai to create signup.1 day per family.
  • Darshan and Aarti/Divo 
    • Morning darshan everyday 8.30 to 9.30 all days. 
    • Evening darshan 6 to 7.30.
    • Aarti mangal divo time at 9 and fixed nakro 101$ aand last day 151$.
  • All pratikraman is virtual
  • Mahavir Janam Kalyanak
    • 4 families having 3 labhs each.
    • Laxmi devi labh 2.
    • Fixed nakro 251$.
    • Laxmi devi 501$


To be discussed in next meeting

  • Samooh Paarna
  • Jeevdaya fund
  • DasLakshana Parva



  • JSGA Elections, Financial updates, and Membership Renewal
    • Membership renewal and poll in email now.
    • Financial update and poll result in the end of August.
    • Next election in April, Mahavir Jayanti festival.
    • Add stats email for youtube viewers
  • Lessons learned from COVID-19 and Pratishtha Anniversary
    • Accountability (Access to center)
      • Board members and Volunteers should strictly follow the rules  
    • Responsibility (Dhaja change)
      • Board members should discuss responsibilities before the event.
    • Communication and transparency (108 Diva Aarti, Rishabh Doshi, Wednesday RM Aarti, Prakshal done on Saturday post event, Darshan allowed during Event on Sunday)
      • More specific rules to be defined for communication.    
  • Technical questions
    • Enabling SSL - $64 for 2 years - Good to GO


  • To be Discussed in Next Meeting 
    • Email communication (Vertical Response)
    • Photo sharing
    • Internet at center
    • Youtube premium
    • Camera investments
    • Scope and approach for Paryushan (We will need another meeting to discuss this. We will discuss the overall scope for Paryushan and considerations)
      • Minimize # of people and activities at center
      • Virtual Satsangs
      • Darshan, Prakshal/Puja, Aarti/Divo, Bhakti
      • Daily and Samvatsari Pratikraman
      • Mahavir Janam Kalyanak
      • Samooh Paarna
      • DasLakshana Parva